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How to Add Boho Decor to Your Home - Wedges And Wide Legs Boutique

How to Add Boho Decor to Your Home

Boho. It’s a vibe, right? And not only in the way you dress. I mean , who doesn’t want to come home & relax in a space that feels like it’s an extension of your wardrobe & an expression of yourself? We certainly do! So we’re giving you some easy tips on how to add boho décor to your home. From the natural elements of rattan pieces to draping wall hangings, to rugs & velvet pillows that add life to your fave corner, it’s really simple to boho-ify your home. 

Start by finding pieces you can add to your space like thrifted rattan coasters, baskets, or shelves that will initiate the essence of boho into your home. Bring in texture with braided or patterned rugs to make any area feel cohesive & on theme. Add terra cotta pots & ceramic vases filled with pampas grass to build on the boho character. Hang boho inspired art with prints that are simple in design, or level up & introduce macrame wall hangings to your adorn your walls.  When it comes to marrying colors into the mix, stick to earthy tones like dark green, burnt orange, mustard yellow, light pinks, & off-white. Don’t be afraid to add plants, whether they’re real or faux. They’ll add a depth that makes the room come alive, & they’re good for boosting your mood too. 

 Remember, boho is essentially a way to bring the free spirit of outside into your everyday ritual, so if you’re nervous just start small in order to makes changes that feel big. Thrift pieces, make your own art, add patterns & pieces that feel like you. And most importantly, have fun! Boho is a vibe, but it’s the chilliest of vibes so accommodate. So be inspired & make it your own!


Written By: Abbey Kay

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