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Boho DIY Wall Art - Wedges And Wide Legs Boutique

Boho DIY Wall Art


Arts & crafts as an adult has become disguised by the word DIY, which can sometimes feel intimidating. But we’ve rounded up some super simple boho DIY wall art projects that we promise you can do at home with little to no previous skill, & some in just under an hour. 

All you need for this project is a wall tapestry, a sponge cut into whatever shape you prefer ( think simple, half circle or rectangle), & your choice of paint color. Next pick a pattern & just stamp away! Let dry & hang with tacks or hot glue the top over a wooden dowel attached to a piece of string (e.g. in photo above) & you have a statement boho piece for your home!

Next up is a DIY rattan décor wall. You can purchase different rattan pieces through your favorite online retailer or head to your local thrift shops & find them for next to nothing. Now, place them on the floor in different ways to see how you like them best laid out. Once you’re happy with the look of it just transfer the layout onto your wall & secure each individual piece with a small nail, & watch your wall come to life.

For this one you’re going to need some more paint & a few empty picture frames, use ones you have around the house or just thrift these as well. Pick out a few different colors & just start painting patterns & shapes on paper cutout to fit inside the frames like the ones above. Hang on wall In a family cluster over your couch, in your hallway, or over your bed frame. You can also forgo the frames & just hang up the DIY art with tacks or wall clips. Get creative & have fun, you literally can’t mess this project up. 

This last one is a project you can do while binge watching your favorite reality show. All you need is yarn, one or more colors, & a dowel that you can hang on the wall that will be propped up by two nails. Now just start cutting your yarn & tying them in knots around the dowel & letting the loose ends hang. Once the entire dowel is covered in yarn that’s been tied, either trim the hanging yarn to be all the same length or play with an arched end like the image above. Don’t feel intimidated, this project can be as big or as little in width as you’d like!


Now who’s ready to open a bottle of bubbly & get to boho DIY-ing? 


Written By: Abbey Kay 


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