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The Ways Of Journaling - Wedges And Wide Legs Boutique

The Ways Of Journaling

Journaling has really always been something I've been into. I had a diary when I was a kid and I never knew how much that was a stress reliever for me. I journaled every day, I let it take away my problems and free me of the constant worry of things. It new all my secrets and was a friend I never knew I needed or had. 
I of course stopped writing in a diary as I got older because honestly, I forgot about it. And double honesty, if anyone found those and read my deepest secrets, I'd have to live in a cave the rest of my life. 
But I have recently started journaling again. Every morning and every night. Seriously. 
I make sure to do it, I feel the worries lift off my soul. And that old friend who I called upon when I was  young to take away all my worries, is back. 
But I do it differently this time. I don't write all my problems and dreams every time. I journal on things I'm grateful for. I journal as if I'm my future self. And I journal on full moons with all my intentions and dreams for the future. Love me some good woowoo stuff.✨
And then I rip them all up, and throw them away. GASP! 
It's the best part.
I totally encourage you to write your heart out. Just write. It doesn't have to be fancy, dont check the spelling and just get all the shit in your head out onto paper. 
And rip it up or burn it at the end. It's a seriously the most cleansing thing ever.
Happy Journaling!
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