Hello there! Welcome to Wedges & Wide Legs Boutique.
I'm Sammy, the owner!
Have you ever felt so connected to a piece of clothing or shoes that they shaped your life in some way? I remember my first clothing item that made such an impression on me, it was as if clothes comforted me in some way that nothing else could. My first pair of wedges and wide leg jeans, oh man, if I could relive those moments of pure joy.
I felt inspired and like I could take on the world. Wedges & Wide Legs Boutique was born out of my love for these moments.
Each piece is handpicked with you in mind. I want you to feel excited about everything you wear from my boutique. I focus on creating collections as unique and beautiful as you are! I want the pieces you get, to comfort you, like all my favorite clothing pieces have done for me. 
 So I want this to be the place that speaks to your inner groovy goddess. 
I'm so excited that you decided to stop by. My mission at Wedges & Wide Legs Boutique is creating collections that speak to the soul with authenticity, honesty and sincerity. I want to provide you with the ultimate boutique experience and have you truly love what you get in the mail.
 If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to contact me at sammylavin@wedgesandwidelegs.com! ✨  
XOXO Sammy