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A little boho home | cozy style - Wedges And Wide Legs Boutique

A little boho home | cozy style

Are you like me? 
Rearranging the house, and then a couple months go by and you do it again. And then again. And again. 
And every time, you love it?
It feels fresh, clean and like, that itch for a little change gets scratched. 
Each season brings a new vibe, and with that vibe, a new opportunity to change up your space. 
I don't care if it's an anxiety control thing, or if that's the only way I actually get myself to vacuum under the couch and in between cushions, because it
So with this fall season rolling in like the smoke from all these west coast fires, I'm inspired to show you my favorite Pinterest boho vibey rooms to get you feeling a little excited about the season. And maybe inspired to rearrange and decorate. 
Whether it's a sweet cozy pillow room or a plant filled twinkling lights vibe.
I'm here for it. 
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