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🌞Roll your summer styles into fall🍁 - Wedges And Wide Legs Boutique

🌞Roll your summer styles into fall🍁

~Transitioning your summer pieces into fall~
If you're organized enough to pack away all your summer faves and pull out the cold weather stuff, I applaud you. 
If you don't mix and match seasons, I totally get it. 
But where I live, it's hot today, freezing tomorrow. Hot again...cold as shit at night. Snowing and then pool weather. All in a couple months time.
So transition pieces is what I live for.
I'm a t-shirt and jeans kinda gal that likes to add a sprinkle of vibes. 
| My tips for summer to fall pieces |
1. First layer is light, and add the light jacket. 
2. Rock the shorts and add the layers on top. Think jean shorts, bodysuit and cardigan. 
3. Kimonos and bodysuits are your best friend. Together they are magic!
4. Jumpsuits 🙌 Perfect pretty much all spring, summer and fall. 
5. Let's talk dresses.
-Short dresses you can just add some amazing tall socks and tall boots.
-Long dresses, add that long cardigan that's been staring at you all summer! 
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