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✨How To Raise Your Vibes✨ - Wedges And Wide Legs Boutique

✨How To Raise Your Vibes✨

Holy shit. That escalated quickly. And I'm sure you'll agree when I say, has put many of us in a funk?? BUT, what a crazy and dare I say, kinda beautiful experience? I've never seen people come together like they have, supporting each other, singing together and being compassionate. Gives me the chills just thinking about it! I encourage you to go look for the good happening right now. Because it's out there.
And don't get me wrong, this all sucks. It's sad, it's scary and it's totally just nuts. But I'm choosing to navigate this experience with a positive mindset, because, why the hell not?
So this is my invitation to you, to try and raise your vibe. 
Being positive takes work and intention. And sure, I have a lot to worry about just like you. I have two small kiddos I have to smile for everyday, because they don't know what's going on past the front door. So keeping calm and raising my vibe during this time seems like the right thing to do. A cocktail and learning some tik Toks have helped too, if I'm being honest. 😂
But, I also want to share this with someone who may be curled up in bed crying. I believe high vibrations can radiate from this screen to yours, and maybe one of these little ideas below will be super helpful. 
This blog is more of a guide on where to start and where to finish your day. If journaling in the morning and ending with a delicious meal and drink sounds good to you, then keep scrolling down. I encourage you to have an intentional day and celebrate. Give purpose to your day but be easy on yourself.
 I have found the best way to keep a good mindset, is good ol' fashion distraction. But before you distract, you have to sit with what you're feeling. Sorry, but it's true.  I think the health of our bodies and minds are the most important thing right now. So, take a deep breath. And let's dive in. 
Just click the pic to take you there!
1. Let's start off with some mindset stuff shall we? We can't enjoy the distracting activities if underneath we're still shaking in our boots! Right? Grab a piece of paper, and get ready to spill the beans. My favorite thing to do is write everything that's on my mind, rip it up when I'm done and toss it in the trash. It's like all those thoughts in my head go to the trash with it. 
2. Daily activities! Make sure your day has purpose, people NEED purpose! Stick to one thing a day at the same time if that's all you can manage. A little meditation, a walk, journaling, getting up at 7am or even learn a new skill. If you have to work from home or still have to drive to work, then structure your day around it. Make sure to add something to your day that makes you feel good! It's so crucial to care for yourself
right now 🧡
3. Now, the good stuff! Let's look at some food and drinks to get us in the kitchen and feeling good! Here's some delicious recipes that look like fun to make! In my opinion :) These recipes are total opposite, it's kinda chilly here so the sweet potato gnocchi is what I'd pick. But some of you might be chillin on the beach, so wraps might be your choice!
4. Last but certainly not least! Go support your local small business's. Support your local hospitals by doing whatever you can to help, even if that's just staying home! Donate to food operations that will feed the people who don't have the option to hoard food! Don't even get me started on that. Act out of love and not fear.
And most importantly, take care of yourself and raise your vibe, the world needs it right now! 
Much love to you
XO (from 6 feet away)
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