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Healing Vibes - Wedges And Wide Legs Boutique

Healing Vibes

Soooo. Yeah. This year. 
I'm pretty sure that's all I need to say and I can stop there. 
Well, this blog post is a little bit of what I have dived into this year and has helped me get through. Maybe it'll help you too. And of course, since this is a little self helpy, I have to say I'm not a doctor and I'm not trying to solve anyones problems. Just shining light on my experience. I will add, when you're doing stuff to help you mentally, it seems that it always gets worse before it gets better! It's hard work and doing these techniques takes effort! But seriously, if you stick with it, it could change your life.  
(All the pictures were downloaded from Pinterest. You can click the pic and it will take you to the original post).
One of the best healing things I have done this year was EFT (emotional freedom technique). I had some sessions with this woman who does Reiki and EFT. I honestly didn't really think the tapping stuff was that strong. And then boom, after a session I could actually feel the stuck energy I had been holding, just disappear. It was cool and I'm officially addicted. I would suggest watching someone do it, or get help from someone who is certified in it. This is who I worked with and love!
Meditation. BUT Ziva Meditation.
You can do a free 3 day trial if you're curious. 
This has really helped me. I've always done guided meditations and loved those. This actually has helped me FEEL relaxed. It's super simple how the lady explains it, but super powerful. 
And my favorite one, I've said it before and I'll say it again!
Let it goooooooo. Write all the shit down on paper. And burn it. Like seriously, burn it like a witch in the night. It feels so freeing to release stuff with fire. Someone told me once, write down all the bad crap you don't like going on in your head or around you, and then write on another piece of paper all the things you're grateful for and want to manifest into your life. Burn them both. It keeps the feeling of balance. 
You can of course keep everything you write! Whatever feels good to you!
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