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Gardening Trends That We’re Digging - Wedges And Wide Legs Boutique

Gardening Trends That We’re Digging

Gardening Trends That We’re Digging

One of the best parts of the weather warming up is that we can finally start planting our gardens while we work on our tans. Whether you have a green thumb or not, it’s still fun to make a space that you can say you created yourself. Planters and gardens don’t have to be a total headache and we’ve rounded up some ideas that you can easily implement into your backyard. So whether you’re looking to plant vegetables, flowers, herbs, or succulents we’re here to help you do it!


Cinder Block Plant Party

Planters don’t have to be complex and don’t have to require much skill to bring into existence. Grab a few cinder blocks to help create a flower bed that is modern and chic. Figure out a shape that fits your lay out and stack them as high as you want. We’re loving this one that even add extra details along the edges too. Fill with flowers or plants and you’ve just built the most simple design as if you were playing with your kid’s legos. 

Wooden Flower Beds


If DIY is more your style and possibly even your middle name, then these wooden flowers boxes may be more your speed. Measure the dimensions of your area and how many boxes you can squeeze into the range. Simple corner cuts are all you need to make these pallets work so it’s a perfect project for a first timer. Fill the boxes with dirt and your favorite flowers for a garden that feels totally you. 

Herb or Succulent Wall


Gardens can be expensive, but they don’t have to be. If you’re on a tighter budget this season or just love saving a few bucks wherever you can like we do, then making an herb or succulent wall is probably in your future. Grab some terra cotta pots that are usually less than a few dollars and some hooks that you can attach to a pallet wall and you’ve created an organized plant wall. Fill with your favorite herbs for summer dinners or succulents if you are the kind to forget to water living things. 

Mini Greenhouses


This one here is for the expert level gardeners. You the know the one’s we’re talking about who have the wide brim hat, gloves, and the cutesy gardening tools that they store in a cutesy way. If that’s you or you dream to be that girl, then up your vegetable garden game with these mini greenhouses to allow your produce to flourish. With grocery prices going up, why not create a market in your backyard for you and all of your neighbors? 


Who’s now motivated to go do some yardwork this weekend? You can find us at our local hardware and plant store grabbing the goods and creating the garden we’ve always desired to have. If you get out there and dig it up, we want to see! Be sure to share your projects and tag us in your posts on Instagram so we can see!

Written By: Abbey Kay
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