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Boho Trends For 2023 - Wedges And Wide Legs Boutique

Boho Trends For 2023

Boho Trends For 2023
New year, same us. Cause we’re just as obsessed with wedges, wide legs, & all things boho fashion. Honestly, the love we have for this style is so engrained in our hearts we don’t ever see the flame we have for it ever burning out. I mean, can you blame us? It’s cool. It’s casual. It’s cute & carefree. So as we head into the year here’s our take on what we think will be trendy in the boho world for all the babes out there like us who love living the bohemian lifestyle. 


Boho Baggy

Out with the fitted & in with the oversized tees, tops, & tanks. There’s something so bad about being able to wear an oversized t-shirt in an everyday outfit & somehow be allowed to pull it off all because it’s on trend. Am I wearing pajamas? Am I wearing something I already wore this week? You’ll never know. Because the boho fashion world says too big of tees is the thing to be seen in so therefore we’re doing it! It feels wrong, but oh so right at the same time!

Bun Hairstyles with Hat


Messy hair is back, baby! But did it ever really go away? Not for us. But we’re loving the idea of throwing on your favorite wide brimmed rancher style hat with your look & then twisting your “I have no idea the last time I washed it” hair into a messy bun in order to tie your whole outfit together. Lazy, quick, convenient, & honestly, pretty damn cute if you ask us! It’s 2023 & we’re out here chasing dreams, we don’t have time to spend hours on our hairstyle anymore! Go with this boho approved one instead.  

Belt Bags

Have you snagged yourself a belt bag yet? Yes, we know they are technically called fanny packs. But we’re leaving that phrase in the 90’s because these things are officially cool now & they’re so suitable for a boho babe on the go! We love that they made a comeback & are here to stay (sorry to our dads for all the times we made fun of him). They’re perfect for being hands free for all you momma’s out there & they store just what you need for you day out. Look for them in bright colors, velvet textures, or ones with pattern straps! 

Retro & Layers


Boho & vintage are like sisters & so are these trends on the rise: retro & layers. We’re noticing retro pieces like tees & vintage sunnies being paired with the flare of boho wide legs & furry coats. And it’s being done so well! So go ahead, layer your trends, go retro, add in your own take on the boho style & have fun incorporating the two styles together this year! Recycle what’s already in your closet & layer it on to create your new fave looks.

Shiny Sets

We’ve been seeing set takes over the fashion world for quite awhile. But now we’re seeing them steal the spotlight in a new way that is outshining the rest. They’re literally shining. We’re seeing shiny sets people. And we are into every bit of this shine! Golds, rubies, & emerald greens all adorned with some shine & pattern will be what we see taking center stage this upcoming year!

What do you think boho babes? Have you see any new boho trends that you think will make an appearance this year? Comment below! We want to know your thoughts.

Written By: Abbey Kay
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