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How to: Pull off the flare and wide legs look - Wedges And Wide Legs Boutique

How to: Pull off the flare and wide legs look

I never questioned if I could wear wide legs or flares in my entire life. I never cared if I was tall enough, or skinny enough, because my love for these things far outweighed anything else. And if they didn't, you're damn right I made them look good with taller shoes or a certain shirt! 
But it's funny, ever since opening this boutique, that's the number one thing people say, "I don't look good in those types of jeans." OK. Stop. Right. There. 
If people can wear long nude spandex shorts and bulky tennis shoes, trust me, you can pull off flares and wide leg pants. 
If you just don't like the style then fine (you're missing out), but if you love it, 
 and are afraid to wear it (like so many lovely ladies), then follow these tips. 
 The freedom of flares and wide legs for the win! 
Let's clarify one thing. Flares and wide leg jeans are different. But the general rules for styling them are the same in my opinion. 
TIP #1: If you think you're too short, add some height! So many pants are made for longer legs.  As a shorty myself (5'4), I'm always wearing my wedges. Prop yourself up girl! 
If you're lucky enough to have the height, well lucky you! Grab whatever shoes make your soul sing. 
TIP #2: You can wear flowy tops or tight shirts, it's up to you. BUT, if you wear a flowy top or relaxed tee, make sure it's cropped or tucked in so and you can see the jeans. You don't want to get lost in your clothing. 
If you prefer to wear a tighter shirt or bodysuit, the best way to wear that style is to add a statement belt. 
My favorite everyday looks are always simple with one statement piece to make it pop. Whether that be a belt, big earrings, a kimono or a big messy bun. Yes, your hair counts as a statement piece. 
TIP #3: Make sure they fit correctly. Clothes are so much better when they fit your body. So get them altered if you have to, but don't let those jeans drag on the floor! 
Check out the styles below for some inspiration! 
Note: Some of these styles below will take you to another website
Happy dressing boho beauties 🧡
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