Spring Cleaning Tips

Wow, just looking at tips for spring cleaning has me excited.¬†Does that just scream my age? I'm 34 if you're wondering ūü§™¬†
I know this isn't a very "sexy" post. But it sure is a motivational one ūüėĀ
And a clean home is as soul singing as a great outfit. 
I'm not gonna lie, I've never spring cleaned like this before. I always have the urge but I will usually just tidy up and clean a little deeper. But not scrub like they did back in the day. But this year I think I'll give it a try! 
I love this 21 day cleaning plan. It's doable and I usually get overwhelmed really quickly! So it's perfect for me. 
Maybe you're more of a write it down and cross if off the list person. 
Here's a great FREE PRINTABLE CALENDER with what to do everyday. 
And one for my BUSY BOHO BABES! 
These are great little tips to just make your house a little easier to clean in the long run.