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Burning Man Festival Tips - Wedges And Wide Legs Boutique

Burning Man Festival Tips

✨In dust we trust ✨
Burning Man, where your soul can run free, your judgements silenced and connection is guaranteed. (With that being said, please don't judge my writing and all the mistakes that come with it. I'm definitely not a writer and my grammar is equally terrible. But here I am 😂)
Burning Man is the place where I found my passion for creating clothing and my love for faux fur. My first Burning Man changed me. It opened my eyes and made me remember what's important in life and helped me believe I was capable of anything. 
That experience guided me on my journey of creating and eventually to opening up this online boutique. (Side note: I don't actually make any of these clothes on my boutique, but hope to design some wide legs one day!)  My initial plan was to start an Etsy and make some festival pieces and big faux fur hoodies. But I never quite got around to it and when I was driven to really do it, I had a baby. And then another baby 🤪.  And with a couple of youngsters running around, sewing was not the easiest. Scissors and needles look like the greatest things to them, and who doesn't want jump into a pile of tie dye fur??
So now I'm here and wishing I could go to Burning Man this year! And one day I will go again! But for now I'll just share a few tips I think a newbie could read and maybe learn a couple of things. These are just a few tips and definitely not a survival guide. If you need that, go here.
TIP #1: Grab yourself a super awesome bandana because this will protect you from the dust storms and also provide a way for you to cool down during the day. The weather (and your emotions) can be extreme out there so be prepared. During the day, the heat can be insane, so just dip your bandana in some ice water and it'll take your body heat down a notch. And keep it around your neck for easy access when the dust hits!
Tip #2: Get a fanny pack that you love! This makes it easy to carry your stuff and keep your hands free if you're riding your bike.  Fancy cute ones are available too if that's more your style. 
Tip #3: Get Pedialyte powder packets instead of the jugs! This is so much better and you can put them in your Fanny Pack! Win!
Tip #4: Fashion tip, get yourself a beautiful faux fur jacket. These can come in really handy if it gets freezing at night. Sometimes you're up all night and having one will make or break your mood haha!



Tip #5: Hair-dos! If your hair is like mine and knots up super easily, I recommend wearing it up or keeping it in braids. When the dust storms hit, it can take those knots and turn them into dreads haha. Which is totally fine if you're willing to wash and brush for a few hours when you get home! 
Tip #6: Shoes. I always wear cute tall boots that have a wedge. But check out these boots and festival wear. Make sure you get something you can walk in for hours though! 
Tip #7 and #8: Baby wipes are your friend. If you can't shower everyday, this makes for a great alternative. Wipe off the day to get ready for night and then from night into bed :) #8 Always bring some toilet paper! When the toilets run out, it sucks having to drip dry! 
#9: Almost forgot! Goggles!!!!! Don't forget those damn things!
Those are my top tips I can think of and hopefully one of them was helpful to you!
Have a happy burn and thank you for taking the time to check out this blog! 
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